Cleaning Up After an Unattended Death


An Unattended Death is a situation where an individual dies alone. There are times where the body is not found for weeks, maybe even months. An unattended death can be the result of an accident, homicide, suicide, or natural causes. Other causes could be a drowning, choking, electrocution, or poisoning. 

When a family is faced with this unfortunate situation, they are left to handle many details, cleaning up after their loved one’s body should not be one of them.  Once the deceased’s body is removed from the home, the family is faced with the cleanup process. It’s important to know, it does not need to be done by the family members themselves. 

There are two important reasons why non-professionals should not attempt to tackle this task:


1. Body Decomposition - After the body has been deceased for a certain time period, the intestinal tract releases bacteria causing the corpse to bloat and decay very quickly. The by-products are various gases including hydrogen sulphide, methane, cadaverine and putrescine. People might find these gases foul smelling,


2. Health and Safety Hazards - If the home is not properly cleaned, it can affect the current house occupants and those in the future. This is due to the fact the body releases airborne bacteria and biological material, such as blood, feces and urine, that is extremely hazardous to those who are dealing with the scene.


In climates where it can be warm and humid, the body will decompose at a faster rate. By the time the body is found, it could have released large amounts of body fluids and gases.


Contacting a professional company to handle the cleanup process is important because they have certified and licensed technicians that are trained in making the home livable after the ordeal. 

Bio-One® technicians will clean and decontaminate residential, commercial, and industrial locations that have been affected by the body decomposition. Bio-One® ensures the decontamination services are handled professionally and the property will be properly restored. Once the cleanup is complete, Bio-One® technicians will properly transport and dispose of biohazard waste and remain in compliance with West Virginia’s strict regulations.


The psychological affects of discovering an unattended death is overwhelming enough. Allow Bio-One® to handle the cleanup so families can focus on healing from the ordeal.


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